Listing Fees

Auction & Listing Fees

It is free to list your products on our site. We will only charge you a fee once your item has been sold.

Our policy on refunding listing fee charges

Please note that all Music Etrade listing fees are final and paid to Music Etrade the moment your item has been sold. Listing fees are not reversible or refundable once a sale has been finalized.

Standard Fees

All listings will be charged a 2% listing fee of the final sale price, along with a minimum fee of 0.50 USD and a cap not exceeding 500 USD. There is no upfront listing fee for auctions or fixed priced listings and you may relist your item as many times as you like until sold.

Bid retractions

Currently, our system does not allow for bids to be retracted. Once you submit a bid on any of the products on our site, the bid is final and can’t be retracted. When you place a bid on an item a small pop up box will appear on the screen asking you to make sure that you are happy to proceed. This will give you the opportunity to review the amount before submitting your bid.