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Whilst the A-FRESCO is small and light, weighing in at only 7.2kg (15.8lbs), it has the power and headroom to deliver serious performance. An ultra-efficient, cool-running Class D power amplifier is combined with an 8” custom-designed dual-cone woofer to deliver articulate, transparent acoustic sound reproduction with plenty of high end sparkle.
The A-FRESCO can be powered either via mains connection (adaptor included) or a choice of battery power options (available separately). The optimum battery power option is 4 x Li-Ion protected cells. Utilizing these highly effective batteries will provide impressive performance and power for up to 24 hours. A set of approved batteries plus charger is available directly from Laney as an optional extra (BP-18650). See below for further battery option guidelines. *
DUAL CHANNEL FLEXIBILITY The A-FRESCO has two completely independent channel strips, both of which can accept either XLR or Jack inputs, provide 3-band equalization and feature a ‘Shape’ control for instant single button optimization. This flexibility allows for connection of a mic and instrument, two different acoustic instruments or even a blend of separate mic and pickup connections from the same instrument. Plus, with an additional Aux in connection for backing tracks, the A-FRESCO is ideal for live performances. Both channels also feature their own Chorus and/or Reverb for further sound enhancement without the need for external effects units.
A simple but very effective Anti-Feedback button can be engaged to automatically scan for and then eliminate unwanted feedback. A Phase switch is also on hand to remove of destructive interference which can occur when a player is too close to the amplifier; a simple solution at the switch of a single button.
On both XLR channel inputs, Phantom power is permanently available for use with a condenser or dynamic microphone. A balanced XLR D.I. out provides direct, mic-free connection to a mixer or active speaker system for larger performance situations. Four digital EQ pre-sets provide sound global enhancement options depending on situation and setup.
The A-FRESCO offers ‘Normal’ and ‘Eco’ mode operation. Eco reduces power to the amplifier and is designed for longer battery life, up to 24 hours when this mode is engaged. Holding the battery switch down will indicate your remaining battery life via the adjacent LED lights. The A-FRESCO also has a sleep mode to conserve battery life when in Normal mode.

  • Ultra-Lightweight at 7.2kg (15.8lbs)
  • Extremely efficient Class D power amplifier system
  • 1×8” custom-designed dual cone loudspeaker
  • Mains or battery power operation (Quick release battery pack accepts Li-Ion or AA battery types) *
  • Normal and Eco power modes with battery life indicator lights
  • Dual independent channel strips both with dedicated 3-band EQ and Shape
  • Independent variable Reverb & Chorus on both channels
  • Phantom Power
  • I. Out (Balanced XLR with Pre/Post options and Ground Lift)
  • FX loop (send & return)
  • 4 x digital EQ cabinet pre-sets
  • Aux Input (mini jack)
  • Phones Input (mini jack)
  • Single button anti-feedback switch
  • Phase switch
  • Master Mute switch
  • 35mm top hat for speaker stand mounting

*Battery options


  • LBP-18650 (4x Li-ion cells + charger) available from
  • Tested and recommended Li-ion battery options include Samsung NCR18650, XTAR 3400mAH (Black), Keeppower NCR18650B, EVVA NCR18650 (Black), Enerpower NCR18650B (Blue) and are widely available from consumer electronics retailers
  • Unprotected Li-Ion cells must never be used in this product.
  • Comparable performance results can also be achieved by connecting a 12V power bank via the DC input.

8 x AA batteries (Alkaline LR6 or NiMH CR6) may also be used. These are best suited for occasional use and moderate listening levels using the product’s ECO mode.

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