Selling Guide

This Guide is here to assist you with the Selling Process. It may not cover everything and if you have any additional questions, please send us an email at [email protected]


When listing your item, do your research. Are there similar items for sale? What is the price range? Is your item priced right for the condition it is in? Take detailed pictures. If there is a scratch or nick, take a picture of it. If you state it is nicked, often people will imagine damage much worse than it may really be. Details, Details, Details. The more information you provide, the fewer questions you will have to answer from prospective buyers. The 2% listing fee deducted will cap at 500 USD regardless of the price of the item.


When you list your item, you may list it for auction, buy it now, or both. Make sure that your auction starts at your minimum price that you will accept. If you list your starting bid at $200 and you won’t sell it for less than $300.00, and only one bid comes in at $200.00, they will win the auction and you will be required to take less than you wanted. Keep your “Buy it Now” price reasonable. Many people don’t want to deal with auctions, and if your “Buy it Now” price is fair, they will just buy it outright.


Brick and Mortar stores that are obligated to pay taxes to any governmental authority, should include those taxed amounts in their listing price. Music Etrade is not responsible for any taxes from the sale of any item on the website.

Respond to Buyers

Answer questions promptly. When someone asks you a question about your item, please respond as soon as you can. The buyer might be looking at 3 items and might purchase from the first person that responds.


When an item is sold to a Buyer, ship your item right away. Ship only through a shipper that will provide a tracking number. Make sure to enter the tracking number into our tracking system. Make sure to either pack your item very carefully or have a service pack it for you. Make sure to insure your package. If the package arrives damaged and you do not insure it, you will not be paid for your item. In addition, if the item arrives damaged, you will be paid for your item until both the Buyer and Seller come to a resolution with each other or the insurance company.

Feedback Rating

Remember that your account is your “store”. You will be given ratings based on your feedback from buyers. If you price fairly, work with your customers, ship promptly, and assist buyers if any disputes arise, you will end up having a good rating, which will increase your sales.